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This document is a WORK IN PROGRESS.
This is just a quick personal cheat sheet: treat its contents with caution!


A wrapper to start arbitrary interactive commands in the background, with telnet access to stdin/stdout.


Table of contents



  • Install procServ and telnet:
    $ sudo yum install procServ
    $ sudo yum install telnet

Not available with apk.

# apt install telnet procServ
# dnf install telnet procServ

Not available with emerge.

Not available with nix.

Not available with pacman.

# yum install telnet procServ

Not available with xbps.

Not available with zypper.





  • Start procServ:

    $ procServ -n "foo name ioc" -c /opt/epics/tops/iocBoot/iocfoo/boot -i ^D^C 20000 ../../../bin/linux-x86_64/foo foo.cmd

  • Find procServ PID:

    $ pgrep procServ
    $ ps -aux | grep "procServ"

  • Find IOC (running inside procServ) PID:

    $ pgrep s7cea-apd
    $ ps -aux | grep "s7cea-apd"

  • Restart the IOC (running inside procServ) by just killing it: procServ will restart it automatically:

    $ pgrep s7cea-apd
        > 123123
    $ sudo kill -9 123123

  • Connect locally to procServ:

    $ telnet 20000

  • Quit procServ - without stopping the IOC - by entering Ctrl + AltGr + ] and then enter quit.

  • Connect remotely to procServ, e.g. to a computer ( on the local sub-network of gateway.address (⚠️ make sure gateway.address has telnet installed ⚠️):

    $ ssh username@gateway.address -t telnet 20000

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